10 Tourism and Travel Business Opportunities in the Philippines

With 7,641 islands to explore, rich biodiversity, magnificent historical and cultural heritage and hospitable locals, the Philippines is a country that attracts millions of foreign tourists from all over the world. The tourism in the country has largely influenced the economy that it contributed to 10.6% of the country’s GDP in 2015.

There are lots of business opportunities you can explore in the tourism and travel industry in the country. Here are some ventures you can try.


1. Travel agency

Many tourists seek the services of a travel agency for a hassle-free vacation. In order to stand out in this industry filled with big players, you need to offer the most affordable as well as the best services tourists can get. Offer promo packages that will suit the needs of your clients and other travel services such as round trip transfers, land tours, van rental, island hopping and tour guide for added income.

2. Tour guide

Do you think you have what it takes to be a tour guide? If you’re good in communicating with foreigners as well as locals, can tell fun and compelling stories about places and is actually good in organizing activities particularly tours, then you certainly have a chance in this industry. Before jumping into this venture, know what kinds of tours you would like to lead, do extensive research about it  and get some training from certified schools for tour guides.

3. Hotel and accommodation

You’ll be needing a huge amount of money in order to put up a hotel business so consider other options like guesthouse, lodging house or even a property posting at Airbnb. If you have a property near a tourist spot, you can convert it into a home stay facility as many travellers these days prefer this set-up.

4. Vehicles for hire

Tie up with travel agencies, hotels, resorts and tour guides to offer your services to tourists for roundtrip transfers and land tours. Make sure you have reliable drivers and your vehicles are maintained to ensure the safety of your clients.

5. Bike and motorcycle rental

These days, many tourists opt to rent bicycles or motorcycles when travelling. This gives them the opportunity to explore the town or city on their own with minimal expense. See to it that the streets in the town or city that they are going to visit are not too crowded and are safe for them.

6. Resort

Resort business can make profit all-year round as these facilities certainly have guests during summer season but can also accommodate big events like weddings, birthdays, baptisms and other types of celebrations. If you have the capital, try to offer unique facilities and activities so that your resort will have an edge over others.

7. Massage spa

Travelling can be equally fun and tiring. Take advantage of this demand by putting up spa and massage services in areas where tourists frequent. You can also coordinate with hotel or resort owners so you can offer room services to their clients.

8. Pasalubong and souvenir shop

Tourists want to get a little something, whether it’s a native delicacy or souvenir item, that would remind them of the place. Let them take home a wonderful memory through your pasalubong or souvenir shop.

9. Money changer

Foreign tourists need to exchange their foreign currency to peso in order to make transactions in the Philippines. While this type of business can be really profitable, keep in mind that it’s regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) so make sure to know their regulations before launching a money changing business.

10. Travel blogging

If you have the knack for writing, have a great camera to capture scenic places and is tech-savvy, then travel blogging can be your thing. Make sure to create unique and quality articles about must-see places, events and people in our country. Eventually when your website gets enough traffic, you can earn money from advertisements and sponsorships on your blog.

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