3 Business Lessons From Alden Richards: ‘Never Be Too Emotional’

Alden Richards has joined the growing number of celebrities who have also ventured into business. Marvin Agustin,  Maricar Reyes, Ken Chan, and many other celebrities have realized the opportunities they could get when it comes to entrepreneurship.

3 Business Lessons From Alden Richards: 'Never Be Too Emotional'
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The ever-humble Alden is often private when it comes to revealing his assets and business. But he owns a McDonald’s franchise in Binan, Laguna, which he plans to expand more, according to an article in GMA. He also has restaurants in Quezon City, Silang, Tagaytay, and Binan. His Concha’s Garden Cafe closed during the pandemic, but Alden can surely open it again. His newest business venture is an entertainment company, Myriad Corporation, which will take part in the upcoming Eraserheads Reunion Concert, according to a report from Push.

Alden shared some of his learning as a businessman in an article in Manila Bulletin. The celebrity revealed some advice and tips on how to manage businesses even when you’re busy and how to make good decisions along the way.

1. Don’t be too emotional

In the article, Alden shared how it’s important not to let your emotions get in the way of making business decisions. He said it can be challenging, but you have to take your time before making a decision that will affect your business.

He explained, “Sobrang difficult nun when emotions get in the way. Dapat medyo mag-step back ka muna and buoin mo muna yung sarili mo. Never make a decision when you’re too high on certain emotions – good or bad man yan – too happy, too sad, too mad, too anything, kasi you will regret your decision.”

2. Take your time

Alden also said it’s better to grow your business slowly but surely. This was also the same advice given by Maricar Reyes when it comes to her food business. The celebrity-entrepreneurs believe to “grow slowly” is still the best way to ensure your business will last. Alden said, “And when it comes to progress, mas naniniwala pa rin ako sa slow burn rather than making it big immediately.”

3. Prepare for failure

Like Maricar, Alden also believes to leave little room for failure. Always prepare for unexpected things to happen, and make realistic expectations. For Maricar, she always prepares extra money for rent if ever her shop fails.

For Alden, he believes in always taking every failure as a learning experience. He said, “Siyempre hindi naman lahat will go according to your plan, meron at meron pa ring matitisod at matitisod ka, but of course, going back, there is no failure naman, only lessons. And you learn from it.”

In the end, Alden advises other aspiring entrepreneurs to “open yourself to possibilities, meaning good or bad.” Starting a business is no easy task, but there are tips you can follow for first-time entrepreneurs. It takes grit and a lot of determination. So, good luck!

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