3 Business Tips from the Single Mom Behind the Success of Supreme Hotdogs

Dolores Q. Santiago is a single mom to her two sons, Dean and Giann. Together with them, she runs a food business that started with the Supreme Hotdogs and now includes Panthree Chicken and Tempura King.

Aside from running a food business, Dolores is also the President and CEO of Smart Buy Lending & Marketing Corporation which was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission since March 8, 1999.

Though the mothers and sons team has been reaping the fruits of their hard work, success did not come overnight. Dolores has ventured into various kinds of merchandizes before finally discovering her true match in the food business, specifically, the food-on-the-go business.

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According to her, the people’s current lifestyle has changed a lot in the way they eat, what they eat, and where to eat while on the go. She added that food on-the-go is the trend, not only for the youth but even amongst adults and professionals.

With eight all-company-owned outlets, Dolores shares three business insights that she thinks will help those who also aspire to have their own business and make it successful.

supreme hotdogs

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On the food business

Dolores said that she loves the food business because it is good in terms of returns. However, there are unique challenges in the food business that concerns the store crew, pilferage, inventory, and waste. Because of this, Dolores advised owners to physically conduct spot checks, as she personally counts the stocks, drawers, and shelves.

tempura king

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On franchising

She shared that the most important factor when it comes to franchising is the location, adding that the most ideal ones are in the malls, schools, and terminals.

On prayers

Dolores last advice is to pray. She said that there was a time that she forgot the Lord and she was scammed big time. She pulled through and was able to pay her business partners. She regularly goes to church every Sunday to give thanks for all the blessings she received.

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