3 Money & Life Tips From A 16-Year-Old Entrepreneur

Another teenpreneur is proving that business knows no age. A 16-year-old entrepreneur shared a few things about life and money to aspiring entrepreneurs.

3 Money & Life Tips From A 16-Year-Old Entrepreneur
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In a Facebook post by Godette Bade, she introduced Aviegalle Cagais, a Grade 10 student who is already a teen entrepreneur. In the video, the two discussed how important it is for businesses to help teenagers, like Aviegalle, become independent and earn their own money. Here are some tips from Aviegalle to encourage young people to start their own businesses.

1. Set goals

According to Aviegalle, the reason she works so hard in business is to bring her overseas Filipino worker (OFW) mother home for good. She said, “Hindi habang buhay andyan ang magulang natin. Katulad ko ang mama ko ay isang OFW at ang goal ko talaga ay makauwi na siya for good at magkaroon ng early retirement.” [Our parents will not always be with us for the rest of our lives. For me, my goal is to help my OFW mother come home for good and enjoy an early retirement.]

2. Start early

Aviegalle started doing business at 15 years old and has been earning continuously since then. “Mas maganda habang bata pa ay successful na. Kasi ‘di mo na kailangan humingi sa mga magulang mo para mabili yung mga gusto mo, ‘di mo na kailangan maghintay sa allowance mo kasi kumikita ka na,” she explained. [It’s better to be successful at a young age. This way, you don’t have to ask for money from your parents t buy the things you want. You also don’t need to wait for your allowance, since you’re already earning.]

There are many advantages and reasons why it’s best to start a business at a young age. Among those is that being young gives you the energy and enthusiasm to get a business going.

3. Find a mentor

Aviegalle added how important it is to have a good mentor when it comes to money, finances, and business. As a teenager, entrepreneurship is often not taught in school. So it’s best to find someone who can guide you along your journey. “Na realize ko sa school, hindi naman tinuturo paano imaging successful or ang pagnenegosyo,” she explained. [I realized that being successful and entrepreneurship are not taught in school.]

Even experienced entrepreneurs still prove that surrounding themselves with good mentors and business-minded people can help. Celebrity entrepreneur Joel Torre said he learned tips and lessons from successful entrepreneurs while he was building his JT’s Manukan.

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