3 ‘Pandemic Millionaires’ Share Secrets To A Successful Business 

Three successful “pandemic millionaires” shared some tips and secrets on how they hit the jackpot while many businesses were closing down.

Ukay-Ukay Business

It’s true that in the Philippines, “ukay-ukay is life.” There is such a huge market for preloved and thrifted items among Pinoys. Young couple, Nicha Laurio and Mark Tay are college sweethearts turned business partners. They first opened a shop selling branded preloved items perfect for your OOTD needs.

Screengrab: Brigada via Facebook

It wasn’t easy in the beginning. Nicha recalled there were days when there was no customer at all. They were filled with doubts if they made the right decision and were already considering just applying for other jobs. But Mark was determined to be in business. Eventually, with the power of social media, their shop trended online and many customers flocked to their shop to buy.

“Sabi nila, ukay lang yan, pero ‘di nila alam may pera sa ukay,” Nicha shared on GMA’s Brigada.

Instead of selling some random ukay, Nicha decided to be more specific with what they want for their shop.

“Ang main goal namin is maghanap ng mga branded na mura na below P500 na papatok sa mga masa,” Nicha shared.

Their business idea was a success. From P5,000 capital, they now have their own shop, brand new cars, and a big house. Their savings also reached their first million.

Takoyaki business

At the age of 24, Dominique Alonso became a millionaire within six months of being a business owner. The secret to her success, her yummy and delicious takoyaki.

Dom opened her takoyaki business while many shops were closing down amid the pandemic. To have enough capital, she sold some of her personal items. She started with P50,000 to build her takoyaki shop, King Bomb.

Screengrab: Brigada via Facebook

Dom wanted to earn so she could pay for her college education. She said, “Mahirap ang buhay eh. Kung hindi ka magiging praktikal, walang mangyayari.”

All her hardwork paid off as many customers flocked to support her takoyaki business. She was able to hit her first million with six months.

“Kung susugal ka na magbo-boom yung negosyo mo or babagsak ang negosyo mo. Kailangan malakas ang loob mo. Ang ginawa ko, pinush ko talaga yung gusto ko eh,” Dom shared.

Because of Dom’s successful takoyaki, she has opened another business selling preloved clothes.

Dom advised other aspiring entrepreneurs to be practical when it comes to spending their money. It’s better to invest your hard earned savings into another business venture.

Sally Mae

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