3 Small Business Ideas You Can Quickly Start Today

If you are a frequent visitor here in our site, you will know that aside from sharing stories of successful entrepreneurs, we also love writing about small business ideas. Besides, we believe that great things come, as the classic Milo ad says, from small beginnings.

We often get asked by our readers for business ideas that can be started easily and with little capital.


Here’s a list you might want to consider if you want to take a shot at becoming an entrepreneur.

1) Cellphone Loading Station

Everyone owns a mobile phone these days and that presents you with an opportunity to earn. All you need to have is a cellphone, a retailer SIM, and a simple sign posted on your gate or door and you can expect your neighbors to come knocking soon.

As a reminder, make double check every number before pressing the send button to avoid incorrect transactions.

For additional pointers, you may refer to our previews blog, “How to Start a Prepaid Load Retailer Business with P500 or Less.”

2) Photocopy Business

If your house is located near schools and other similar establishments, you might want to invest in a photocopy machine. Your target customers for this would be both the students and the teachers who need duplicate copies of book reports, examination papers, handouts, and many others. Just be prepared with a lot of bond paper and toner and you’ll be ready to earn quick money with this.

3) Laundry Services

Another excellent idea would be to have your own laundry shop. People are busy these days and so offering laundry services in your area can be profitable. You can charge your customers either per piece or per kilo of laundry. If you’ve got a washing machine and some extra time, this could prove to be a profitable venture.

Go read our Tips on How to Start a Laundry Shop article for more ideas.

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