3 Things Every Restaurants Must Know About Their Millennial Customers

One-third of the 104 million plus Filipinos were born between 1980 and 2000, and they are now part of the country’s workforce, comprising the prime working-age population. Most of them reside in the metro and spend more time in social media every day, as compared to their counterparts in other countries. Though these millennials have embraced modern lifestyles, they still enjoy living with their families—with their spouse and kids or with parents and siblings.

Taking a cue from these behaviors, a restaurant who wants to cater to this population must innovate ways to keep up. Here, we present three factors worth considering.

  1. Filipino millennials are heavily-dependent on restaurants.

Filipino millennial and restaurants

With their fast-paced lifestyle, these young people do not have time anymore to prepare or even cook their food at their kitchens. Research from Technomic, Inc. reveals that most of them prefer getting a take out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner from a fast-food restaurant, street-food carts, office building cafeterias, prepared food-areas at a retail store, cafes, sit-down restaurants, or even at the vending machine. Most of them will get their food at a restaurant in a convenient location for them, considering the traffic congestion in Metro Manila.

  1. Filipino millennials are adventurous when it comes to trying new foods, flavors, and new places to eat.

Filipino millennial and restaurants

Restaurants that offer a less-familiar cuisine will find their usual patrons among the Filipino millennials. When asked about their preferences when it comes to cuisine, they say that they like Filipino and American dishes, but they also favor Italian, Mexican, French, Spanish, and Caribbean meals. They are also more than willing to try inexpensive but full-flavored street foods which they can easily buy and conveniently eat while they are on the go.

  1. The Filipino millennials’ ‘connected’ lifestyle will favor restos with tech-enabled dine in, take out, and delivery systems.

Filipino millennial and restaurants

With too much going on in their hands, one cannot expect a millennial to walk inside a restaurant, sit at a table, stare at the menu, order food, wait for his or her order, then take his or her time to chew his or her food slowly. Most of them think that restaurants should incorporate technology in their process of food order and delivery. They cited amenities such as in-store touch screen kiosks, online ordering facility, order tracking system, chatbot-enabled or artificial intelligence-based ordering system.

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