3 Vloggers Who Can Help You Build Your Agribusiness

Agribusiness is the term used to describe all the activities related to agriculture, farming, and farming inputs.

Despite prevalent perceptions of agriculture as a quiet, low-tech economy, agribusiness is actually a growing industry. Many businessmen involved in agribusiness used social media to showcase how this sector is a diverse, sustainable and lucrative business idea.

Here, we listed three vloggers that you should follow if you plan to start or are already maintaining an agribusiness.

1. Buddy Gancenia of Agribusiness How It Works

Image by Buddy Gancenia via Facebook

Known as “Mr. Agribusiness,” Buddy Gancenia has over 800,000 followers on his Youtube channel. If you’re a newbie still trying to figure out what type of agribusiness might be for you, Mr. Agribusiness can definitely help.

He started eight years ago with the mission, “We want millions of OFWs to be reunited with their families because AGRIBUSINESS and livelihood opportunities are available in the Philippines.”

He features inspiring and real-life stories of farmers and businessmen who succeed in venturing into agribusiness.

Mr. Agribusiness has videos on how to start free-range chicken farming, goat farming, flower garden propagation, backyard farming, goldfish farming, organic shrimp farming, sugarcane plantation, and so much more.

You can watch the latest vlog on his Youtube channel:

2. Benzone Kennedy F. Sepe

growing apple farm
Image by Benzone Kennedy F. Sepe via Facebook

This agriculture student from Davao had gained popularity when he expanded his apple farm to over 300 apple trees.

If you’re interested in fruit farming, you can watch his video and tips on managing a farm. Aside from apples, Benzone also shows to cultivate oranges, pomegranate, black sapote, figs, grapes, and more.

Benzone founded the Kapatagan Apple Orchard, Rare Fruit Farm, and Nursery, the Philippines’ first ATI-certified Learning Site for Agriculture (LSA) for apple production.
You can watch the latest vlog on his Youtube channel:

3. Raffy Capalaran of Raffy’s Green Thumb

Raffy’s Green Thumb Youtube channel could be of big help if you’re interested in organic urban farming.

Image by Raffy’s Green Thumb via Facebook

A Senior High School teacher in Cebu City, Raffy shares tips and learning on farming and gardening. He said that he wanted to show his appreciation to farmers and wanted to influence the youth to be interested in agriculture.

Raffy is proud to be awarded the Best Cebu Vlogger of 2021 in the 14th Best Cebu Vlogs Awards.

His Youtube channel features DIY organic fertilizer, how to plant bell peppers, grow fruit trees in containers, grow lettuce, rambutan, and so much more.

Here’s the latest vlog on Raffy’s Green Thumb:

There are many resources available for you to learn more about agribusiness. You learn and even earn through the e- from e-Learning for Agriculture and Fisheries of the Department of Agriculture.

Sally Mae
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