4 Elements Of A Good Product Photography

Let’s face it, if we are buying things online, the way the product is presented with photos have a way of influencing us to buy or not.

Needless to say, a good photo for your business is sure to give you more customers and is sure to give your business a level up in the customers’ books.


There are some companies who take professional product photos for businesses, but if you are determined to take your own photos, here are some of the things you should not forget.

1. Good background

Sometimes, it is safest if you retain a white background. But during the times that you need to have other colors for your background, make sure that you don’t let it overpower your subject. Stick with subtle and soft colors in your background, in this way, your product will still shine.

2. Good lighting

Aside from having a complete lighting setup, a good element of a good photo that sells is natural lighting. Remember to only result to artificial lighting when there is absolutely no way for you to obtain a natural light. This will ensure that all the available resources are used before resulting to something artificial.

3. Good editing

After taking a good photo, a good edit is the next step. This will ensure that your product is not just any product that you see out there. A good photo edit also gives your product your personality, it can also bring about your personal and product branding. The next time that people see any of your photos, they will know that it is from you.

4. Good distribution

Of course, your product won’t sell if you just keep it. You have to let it go in the world and entice your customers. Determine which channels you are going to use in sharing your products to your customers. A well-planned sharing can go a long way.

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