4 Side Gigs For Millennials Who Want To Save Up For Their Business Idea

Having a side gig where you can start earning extra cash is a good way to be financially independent. Millennials, however, are more business minded that the generation they followed.

If you don’t have money or resources to start a business, you may want to consider doing side gigs first. This is to help you save up for your business idea.


Here are some side gig ideas for Filipino Millennials.

1. Uber / Grab

Ridesharing is now popular. While some people use these platforms to earn full-time, you can opt to do it during your free time. All you need is a car that fits their requirement. What’s good about this is that you only have to register with Grab and Uber and then you’re all set because of their smartphone apps.

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2. Create simple websites

Since you are a Millennial, then chances are that you are already computer literate. This means that you can easily learn skills that are computer related like creating websites. There are free courses and YouTube videos to start learning. You can then offer your services to businesses that need to set up their websites.

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3. Logo and Graphic Design

If you are gifted in the creative area, then you can use that to your advantage. Learn about Photoshop or other software you can use to design. Start by practicing with a few logos or design pieces, create a Facebook page and upload them. You can then start using your page as your portfolio to look for clients.

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4. Virtual Assistance

For Filipinos living in the Philippines where the cost of living is not that high, being a virtual assistant for clients from other countries is becoming a thing now. Aside from earning dollars, virtual assistants can work remotely with just their laptop and internet. This is perfect for Millennials who are always on the go.

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