4 TikTok Financial And Investment Influencers To Follow For Tips & Advice

TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms. While there are plenty of fun videos on TikTok, there is also a wealth of advice and information.  And with that, it’s no surprise that financial and investment influencers have started to emerge on TikTok.

If you’re looking for valuable information on topics such as investments, budgeting strategies, retirement planning, and more, we listed some of our recommended financial experts you can follow on TikTok.

1. Antonette Aquino (@antonetteaquino)

Image by Antonette Aquino via Facebook

Antonette Aquino is a registered financial planner and is one of the most followed financial influencers on TikTok. She’s been a breadwinner since the age of 17. Now, Antonette talks about different ways to earn and how to manage your investment properly. She shares her knowledge of different credit card hacks, investment schemes, cryptocurrency, insurance, and so much more. She can also help you identify your investing style and the plans that suit you best. Among her top videos are “Investments That Pay Monthly Income,” “Investing Basics,” “How To Track Your Money From Your Small Biz/Side Hustle,” and so much more. Antonette has been featured on several websites, including CNN, GMA News Public TV, Inquirer Business, and Rappler.

2. Marvin Germo (@marvingermo)

Image by Marvin Germo via Facebook

Marvin Germo is a registered financial planner, financial consultant, and resource speaker. He is the creator of the highly successful Stock Smarts book series. He is a resource person for several financial and investment websites, such as Moneymax. On TikTok, he talks about risky investments, equity and crypto investments, investing end, bitcoin, and so much more. Some of his top videos are “Investing for Everyone,” “Think Long Term,” and “Business or Investment?” One of his popular vlogs was an interview with Maricar Reyes on tips on how to manage a food business.

3. Yani Moya (@coachyanimoya)

Image by Coach Yani via Facebook

Coach Yani helps young adults understand money and investment in simple layman’s terms. She introduces herself as “Your Financial Coach” and talks about savings, financial freedom, low-risk investments, investing in digital banks, and more.

4. Ivy Bermejo (@ivybermejo_)

Image by Ivy Bermejo via Facebook

Ivy Bermejo is a certified public accountant and a financial advisor. At the age of 25, Ivy earned her first million and now shared some of her wise money tips and investments that helped her along the way. She talks about MP2 investment, small business ideas, financial principles, beginner-friendly investments, and more. Some of her popular videos include, “What Should You Invest In Your 20s,” “Why Businesses Don’t Grow,” “Earn Millions Without Investing Millions,” and more.

Influencers are good sources of knowledge and inspiration if you follow the right ones suited for your goals. There are enough influencers for almost anything you’re interested in! If you’re eyeing in becoming an agripreneurs, you can follow popular agribusiness vloggers.

Sally Mae
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