4 Tips to be a Successful Airbnb Host

If you have an apartment, home, cabin or cabanas you’re willing to lease or put up for rent , Airbnb is the perfect online marketplace that will connect you to your guests. While Airbnb has a rumored $20 billion valuation, many hosts are also making lots of money out of sharing their vacation properties to travellers. Indeed, Airbnb has amassed more than one million listings in 190 countries just a few years after its launch.

Getting that 5-star rating from your guests at your Airbnb property isn’t that easy to achieve. Superhosts, those who have at least 80% five-star ratings, at last 90% response rate, and have hosted at least 10 trips without any cancellations, have worked their way to give their guests a great and unique experience.

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Here are a few tips to become a successful host at Airbnb.

1. Pictures can make or break.

Marketing anything online means you need to come up with great photos to attract potential customers. If it’s possible, hire a professional photographer to make your property shine and stand out from the crowd.

2. Communication is the key.

Never ever let your potential guest wait too long for your response. This will lessen your chances of getting a booking and could negatively affect your response rate. Aside from giving prompt replies, you also have to be clear on your directions and be very honest in addressing questions.

3. Individualize your style.

Airbnb vacation property hosts are known for being hands-on hoping to give their guests the best experience. However, not all guests can appreciate this kind of attention and may opt to have some privacy. The strategy here is to determine how much personal interaction guests want to have and individualize your style based on this. If your guest asks for advices on places to see around the area, then go the extra mile in giving them tips. But if your guest doesn’t reach out, that means they’d rather do things independently.

4. A little extra goes a long way.

Write something personal for each guest, leave a bottle of wine or put a few cookies for the kids as a welcome gift. These little welcome surprises can really make your guests’ day and at the same time boost your ratings.

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