4 Ways Mothers are Entrepreneurs in the Making

Motherhood is such a tough task. Well, raising a small human until it learns to walk, speak, and think on its own is no small feat. Kidding aside, as a woman embraces motherhood, little will she realize that she is training herself to become a successful entrepreneur.

A mom sets and controls her schedule.

Unlike the usual employee who has to abide by the company rules, most specifically, by the prescribed working hours. Entrepreneurs set their own time and only answer to themselves. Before the day even begins, a mom already knew what she is supposed to do on the following day. If she has to, she consults her husband. But most of the time, she makes her their own decision.

moms as entrepreneur in the making

A mom trusts her instincts.

She may get a lot of solicited and unsolicited advice, but she listens to her instincts. An entrepreneur should also know when and what information to take, but he must even know when to look to his gut feel, just like how a mom would listen to her mother’s instincts.

4 Ways Mothers are Entrepreneurs in the Making

Mom is an expert money manager.

Even without a balance sheet (though, some moms probably has one), a mother knows if she is still within her budget. She also knows if she can pull a few money somewhere so she can buy those lovely curtains on sale. One skill that an entrepreneur should equip himself with is financial management skill. Do we need to expound on this?

moms as entrepreneur in the making

A mom does not take a ‘no’ for an answer.

An entrepreneur is usually greeted by a ‘no’ even before he can open his mouth to speak. To succeed, he has to learn how to make an impression and capture the interest of his client, so he can, at least, make a sales call and, eventually, close a deal. Just look at how a mom would bargain at the market, negotiate with her husband, and even close an agreement with the neighbors. Talk about negotiation skills.

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