5 Best Food Franchises You Can Consider Under P1 Million

If you have a P1 million budget for a business idea, you really have to make sure it’s worth it! Franchising has its advantages over starting from scratch, but also has its cons. However, if you study it well and compare the different offerings of companies, it might just work for you. With P1 million, you can already consider some of the more popular franchise brands in the country.

5 Best Food Franchises You Can Consider Under P1 Million
Image by Facebook/ Belgian Waffles, Quickly, Zagu

If you’re wondering where your P1 million budget could get you, here are some of our recommendations for food franchises you could consider.

1. Famous Belgian Waffles

Fee: P730,000 / P830,000 / P910,000
This one is a good investment because it has a lot of regular patrons who order not just their waffles, but even their delicious coffees. To franchise the Famous Belgian Waffles, you can choose between a Food Cart, Kiosk or Counter type. The prices of the packages range from P730,000 to P910,000. You have to inquire properly about added costs since these prices exclude tax. For more details, read their franchise primer.

2. Quickly Taro Drink

Fee: P788,000
Quickly Taro Drink has been one of the comforts of many Pinoys. Before milk teas became a trend, Quickly was the craze! This refreshing taro drink continues to satisfy many thirsty Pinoys and you can spot Quickly kiosks in malls. The thing about Quickly is that it hasn’t saturated the rest of the country, so there’s so much opportunity. For instance, Quickly has just launched its branch in Davao City. You can check about their franchise program on their website.

3. Mr. Liempo

Fee: P295,000
If you’re interested in franchising Mr. Liempo, in for a treat because it’s the most affordable on our list. But the thing is, for P1 million, it would be ideal to put up several branches in different locations to help ensure success. The package included products and supplies, grilling units, franchise set-up and more. To learn about the full package, check out their franchise website.

4. Khaleb Shawarma

Fee: P950,000
Shawarmas are a big hit among Pinoys! It’s filling and easy to eat. Khaleb Shawarma has been serving Pinoy with good quality, delicious shawarma for 17 years. With that much experience, there’s a huge chance that your Khaleb Shawarma franchise won’t go to waste with this franchise. You can check their “Bayanihan Franchise Program,” which gives you a counter concept franchise package and another cart concert franchise package.

5. Zagu

Fee: P650, 000 – P850, 00
Zagu continues to be one of the go-to drinks when you’re strolling around a mall. This refreshing drink is affordable and a hit among students and teenagers. Zagu’s dealership package offers no franchise fee and no royalty fee, so that’s a pretty good deal. Inquire on its franchise website to learn more.

There you go! Always remember to do the right research to ensure success. Good luck!

Sally Mae

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