5 Business Ideas For Facebook Users

The era where people exchange calling cards when they first meet is over. Today, when you meet a new friend “Ano name mo sa Facebook?” is more often asked, than calling cards.

Even phone numbers are rarely asked nowadays. Facebook has become an integral part of our lives that you rarely find anybody who’s not in it.


Since we already use it every day, why don’t we venture into a business where we can use Facebook? Here are some businesses that Facebook users can consider.

1. Social Media Management

You can try applying for clients whose businesses need to reach more people through Facebook and other social media channels. Utilize Facebook profiles, pages and groups for this.

2. Photography and Photo editing with Branding

Offer your services to clients who need to have more presence in social media. Take photos, edit it and incorporate your client’s branding. Share these photos on the client’s Facebook page.

3. Mentorship

If you are an expert on something, create your Facebook page and give out contents about your expertise. It can be in a form of photos, articles, quotes, or anything that your followers can share and read. You can also ask for a fee when somebody wants to hire you as their mentor.

4. Affiliate marketing

You can use Facebook to share your affiliate links to your followers. You can also share it to groups that you are a member in. This is one way of getting more clicks to your link that will, in turn, make you earn more.

5. Community creation

If you have a hobby or just about anything that other people who do it can relate to, you can create a Facebook group and start your community. Large groups with the same goals and targets can also be a good way to earn from through website creation or even affiliate marketing.

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