5 Business Lessons from Anthony “Ka Tunying” Taberna

Known for his fearless commentaries on radio and TV, Anthony “Tunying” Taberna is one of the most popular Filipino broadcast journalist and radio commentator of the country.

Aside from working as a broadcaster, Taberna runs Ka Tunying’s, a Filipino comfort food restaurant which started as a community bakeshop in his hometown Nueva Ecija in 2002. Now, the restaurant has three branches in Metro Manila.


Here are some business lessons which you can learn from Taberna:

1. No matter how good your career is, you need a fallback. 

Being one of the leading broadcasters in the country didn’t stop Taberna from establishing and running his own business. During the recent Franchise Asia Philippines 2017 conference, where he served as guest speaker along with Miriam Quiambao, Taberna said that business is a “fallback for him”.

“This career of mine won’t be forever. Baka ngayon may natutuwa pa sa akin, pero bukas wala na.This business will help provide for my family.”

2. There is nothing wrong with using your name and influence to promote your business.

Taberna didn’t hesitate to name his restaurant after him. Since “Tunying” has become a household name and many of his potential customers are familiar with it, Taberna used it as a leverage.

“Strike while the iron is hot. Ano pa ang silbi ng ‘Tunying’ na ‘yan kung gagamitin ‘yan sa business nang wala na ako sa TV or sa radio? Tutal marami namang manggagamit dito, let’s use my name in good things like this.”

3. Practice what you preach.

As a host and radio commentator, Taberna had to give hard-hitting comments about current national issues. One of this is the issue of contractual labor in the Philippines. As a business owner, Taberna stuck to his principles and regularized most of his employees.

“Halos lahat ng staff namin ay regular employees.Hindi puwedeng may ‘endo,’ you have to practice what you preach.”

4. Make your “enemies” your allies.

Interestingly, Taberna’s business is located right in front of GMA Network, the biggest rival of his home network ABS-CBN. Although this was unintentional, this business move proved to be advantageous. Aside from fans, GMA talents and employees including broadcaster Mike Enriquez patronize his restaurant.

“We wanted it (Ka Tunying’s) to be near ABS, pero wala kaming mahanap na puwesto… so sa GMA kami nagtayo. At least doon, hindi ako tinatantanan!”

5. If you’re not yet ready, don’t take the plunge.

Despite having lots of franchise inquiries, Taberna refused to let his business be franchised as they were not yet prepared at that time. Currently, they are planning a system for franchising of Ka Tunying’s.

“Naisip namin na baka hindi pa kami handa… Kawawa naman ‘yung mga franchisee namin. We’re just waiting for the right time… para maging open kami for applications.”

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