5 Creative Candy Business Ideas And Tips On How To Get Started

If you’re into sweets and candy, try starting a candy business! There are many inspiring stories of sweet success from different candy businesses. To help you get started, we listed some tips. Plus, we also have some creative candy business ideas you can try.

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Tips to get started:

1. Research what is in the market

If you do your research well, you’ll realize a candy business is more than just selling candies. There are so many opportunities in this market. You’ll learn about specialty candy, premium chocolates, art pastillas, and so much more!

2. Find something you can do

Your products will be so much better if you make them yourself. The founder of Ricci Chocolates, a premium chocolate company, went through several trials and errors before coming up with their own signature brand. It was a success because there was nothing else like it!

3. Packaging and Presentation

As they say, make it “eye-candy”! Your products should not only look presentable but also be fun, and creative, depending on your vision. A pastillas business is earning P300,000 a week for its artsy and creative designs!

If you’re ready to start your candy business, here are a few trending candy business ideas you can consider.

1. Cotton candy or cotton candy burrito

Give our childhood favorite a twist by turning it into a fun burrito with toppings. You can also make huge cotton candies and turn them into fun designs that kids would love, like a pink pig, etc. Turn this into a cart, and this will be a hit at kids’ parties.

2. Specialty Candy Shop

If Korean stores are a hit, try a specialty Korean or Japanese candy shop. Or better yet, go full-on and stock up on unique and hard-to-find candies and sweets. Promote them online by explaining what the candy is all about and why there’s a craze about it! Sell it as something unique that customers must try.

3. Candy box subscription

Start a subscription business by sending an assortment of candies, chocolates, and sweets that cannot easily be found in groceries and supermarkets. Source out hard-to-find sweets that your customers will be excited to receive.

4. Candy bars and barks

There are tons of recipes for crunch bars, chocolate bark, snickers bars, toffees, peanut brittle, and so much more. You can sell per piece or create a small gift set with an assortment of products, so your customers can try a little of everything.

5. Premium marshmallow

Once you learn the basics, go creative and turn them into specialty marshmallows. You can learn how to make marshmallow shooters, toasted smores truffle pops, stuffed marshmallows, and so much more.

We hope this guide will be helpful to you as you start your candy business. Good luck!

Sally Mae
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