5 International Franchises You Didn’t Know are Homegrown Pinoy Brands

When you say “Jollibee”, there is no doubt in mind that you talking about the popular food chain that is so ‘tatak Pinoy’ that if ever there was a national fast food chain, it would surely be Jollibee! But did you know that there are foreign-sounding brands of international franchises that are actually also homegrown Pinoy brands?

Check out these 5 global franchises and be amazed…

Potato Corner

Did you know that the French fries brand Potato Corner is proudly Filipino? It started as a humble kiosk in 1992 and began expanding across the country. As the brand grew more popular in the Philippines, it began expanding to other countries as well, with its first international brand opened in Indonesia back in 2006.

Ten years later, the brand has already reached 30 countries! These include Thailand, Singapore, the US, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia. It would soon set up shop in Mexico, Spain, and China.


Photo credit: Goldilocks / Facebook
Photo credit: Goldilocks / Facebook

As foreign as its name might sound, cake company Goldilocks actually started in the Philippines. It was in 1976 that the brand started expanding abroad, with its first branch opened in Los Angeles, California.

Today, the iconic bakeshop has 6 branches in Thailand, 2 in Canada, and 22 in the US.

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Yellow Cab Pizza

Yellow Cab surely hailed from New York, right? Nope! The pizza company was actually started with the goal of bringing New York’s pizza to the Philippine market. Part of its branding is delivering pizzas and pastas in yellow Vespa scooters.

To date, the brand has 130 branches across the Philippines and several international franchise outlets in the Middle East, US, and Malaysia.

Max’s Restaurant

If you’re not a regular at Max’s, you probably do not know that the brand is actually from the Philippines. The name just sounds foreign but Max’s is pure Pinoy goodness! The restaurant started off with serving distinctly Pinoy fried chicken back in 1945.

Today, not only has the brand expanded its menu to include a variety of Filipino dishes, Max’s has also established its name in the international market starting with its first branch in the US back in 1982.

Photo credit: Max's Restaurant / Facebook
Photo credit: Max’s Restaurant / Facebook


Just by its name, you would surely think that Oryspa is some foreign brand of something, perhaps cosmetics, but did you know that this beauty product hails from the Philippines and is a product from rice bran which is usually used in pig feed?

This ingenious brand has 23 branches across the country and has also expanded to include 2 physical stores in Singapore. It is also sold in many countries in Asia and Europe, thanks to its extensive network of online shops.

Source: Entrepreneur Philippines

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