5 Profitable Business Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Who said that Valentine’s day is just for couples and lovers?

Valentine’s day is the perfect day for entrepreneurs to make money by making people feel more loved. In the Philippines, this day is highly commercialized and is celebrated big time. For many businesses, the profit they make during Valentine season is equivalent to the profit made by other businesses during Christmas season. There are lots of business opportunities that entrepreneurs can take advantage of on this day to earn extra cash.


Here are some profitable business ideas for Valentine’s Day.

1. Flowers

Did you know that Holland Tulips, the biggest flower retailer in the Philippines, makes 60% of its annual sales in the week before Valentine’s day? Source out your products like roses, tulips, gerberas, chrysanthemums, and carnations from Dangwa, the biggest fresh flower market in Metro Manila. If you wish to sell flowers on Valentine’s day, hire a staff who has the skills in flower arrangement and another one who can provide flower delivery services. You may opt to sell flowers online to capture a bigger market.

2. Chocolates

Almost all people from different walks of life dig chocolates. It’s the perfect gift not just for your special someone but to family, friends, co-workers, kids and even teachers of your children. You may choose to resell imported chocolates or opt to sell homemade chocolates.

3. Sweet Treats

Do you love baking? If your answer is yes, then Valentine’s season is certainly the perfect day for you to take advantage of your skill to earn extra money. Valentine’s day-themed cakes, cookies and other pastries sell like hotcakes during this season. You can take pre-orders prior to the day of hearts to accommodate more customers.

4. Personalized Bouquets

While many ladies love the idea of receiving flowers during Valentine’s day, girls would also find it very romantic to receive one-of-a-kind bouquets. Have you ever heard of the “chicken nugget bouquet”? This product certainly won the heart and the stomach of the lady who received it.

5. Personalized Gifts

Graphic artists can definitely earn extra moolah by making personalized gifts like greeting cards, couple shirts and other stuff. Artists with incredible video editing skills can also make personalized short films for people who want to surprise their loved ones.

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