5 Steps To Start Your Pisonet Business

Filipinos are naturally adaptive. Give us any situation and we will learn to live our life around it and with it. This is how we live our everyday life, we adapt and create ways to make living easier, given the circumstance.

One brilliant invention that shows the evolution of technology is the Pisonet.


What is Pisonet?

Piso net is like a computer shop or an internet cafe too, the difference is the computer in Pisonet is enclosed in an arcade-like or slot machine-like enclosure.

You can’t see the computer, you only get to see the screen and you can hold the mouse and keyboard. There is a coin slot that you have to feed with P1 so you’ll be able to use the computer for 4 minutes.

How to start a Pisonet business?

1. Business plan

The first thing you have to secure is your business plan. This study will provide you with the information that you need about your business and whether it will be a viable business for you.

2. Permits and location

Next, you have to secure the needed permits in order to conduct a business in your chosen location. If you plan to conduct a business at your home, do the necessary cleaning and renovations.

3. Operating needs

Secure your internet connection and your air condition. Door locks and gates are also essential so you won’t have to deal with robbers and thieves. Once you have these secured, that’s the time that you buy the computers.

4. Materials

Buy the computer, case, and chair per unit. Don’t just buy the first one that you see. Canvass on the different prices and find some PC shops that offer discounts when buying in bulk or buy set.

5. Open and expand

Open your Pisonet shop and find out if you have an abundant market. Do not expand unless you are sure that your units are lacking and that you’ll have more people coming into your shop if you add more units.

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