5 Tips for Successful Direct Selling on Facebook

These days, Facebook has become more than just a tool for staying updated with friends and loved ones. For enterprising individuals, the popular social media site can also be used for business.

Just a quick browse on your Facebook feed will reveal that you’ll see a lot of stuff being sold from t-shirts and backpacks, to pastries and flowers, to smartphones and musical instruments, to books and hoverboards, to everything in between. Besides, everyone’s on Facebook nowadays and so that presents a wonderful opportunity for entrepreneurs to reach a wider market.

Here are some tips to consider if you want to try direct selling on Facebook:

1. Provide detailed descriptions

First and foremost, be as detailed as you can about your product. If you are selling a gadget, indicate its features. For shirts and other wearables, indicate the size. Buyers won’t be able to see or touch the items before purchasing so provide all the necessary information beforehand.

2. Use good photos

Part of the art of enticing potential customers is to post quality pictures of your products. If possible, use a good camera and when needed, take photos from different angles. Also, do not steal images from other resources. That can get you into hot water if you are not careful.

3. Reply to comments and private messages

As you post your products online, you will soon get inquiries via PM and comments. Respond to each one and when you do, do so in a polite manner. Engagement is king in social media and remember, the quality of your customer service will tell whether you’ll get more or less customers in the future.

Photo credit: Pixabay
Photo credit: Pixabay

4. Set up your payment system

You have several options to choose from such as bank payment (BPI, BDO, MetroBank, etc), online payment (PayPal) or thru money remittance centers (ML Kwarta Padala, Palawan Padala, Western Union, etc). If you can offer several payment systems for your clients, then that would be good.

5. Offer shipping and meet-up options

Check which couriers in your area (LBC, JRS, Air21, etc) to know about their shipping rates. If your schedule allows, you may also offer meet-up options for nearby buyers but try to implement a minimum order requirement so you can still make a profit.

With these practical tips, you can successfully sell products online via Facebook.