5 Tips On How To Start A Low-Cost Coffee Business At Home

For some reason, Filipinos are fond of coffee. Whether it’s a warm cappuccino, iced coffee, cold brew, or many others, coffee shops are a big hit among Pinoys! Now, if you’ve been dreaming of owning your own coffee shop but still don’t have enough budget, don’t fret. Don’t let budget or other constraints stop you from taking the first step to starting your dream coffee shop.

5 Tips On How To Start A Low-Cost Coffee Business At Home
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You can start a coffee business right at home, even with a small budget. This article will guide you through some of the basic steps for getting started.

1. Research & learn about making a good coffee

Since there are so many coffee shops already, make your brand unique by making your own blend. Learn about different coffee beans, the brewing process, handling, etc. Don’t settle for easy-to-make or instant coffee; make really good coffee. A 25-year-old who was able to build 15 coffee shop branches in just a year, started making it in her own condo. She would spend much time crafting her own blend until she found a signature brand that became a big hit.

2. Make a small menu

Since you’re starting with a small budget, you want to come up with a small menu. Just 3-5 drinks, but make sure they’re all really good. Maricar Reyes’ top advice when it comes to business is to make a very good product. She started with her only one product, her decadent chocolate cake. But since it was so good, she was soon able to grow her business in time. You don’t need to have too many products, just come up with a few of the best ones.

3. Make a business plan

No matter how small your business is, make the effort to make a business plan. This will be your business “bible,” your guide, motivations, and plans. Take down your research, learnings, budget, projected earnings, expenses, and many others. Keep it updated, and don’t take it for granted. You’ll be impressed to see how your business plan will also grow as your business expands.

4. Check your resources.

Since you’re starting at home, check what resources you have to make coffee. You might already have the basic equipment, like a fridge, containers, etc. The big purchases that you might need are a quality espresso machine, drip coffee maker, or coffee grinder. But there are many affordable portable coffee makers that you can also search for online. The equipment you need depends on what kind of coffee you want to go for. So, research and learn more about coffee. Also, if your problem is money, check out the available money sources you can consider.

5. Promote & Sell

This is the exciting part! Promote and sell your coffee. If you don’t have a delivery service, you can just start small by offering flyers to your neighbors, which you can personally deliver. Plus, it’s a good way to build rapport with possible customers. Promote online and work hard!

Keep in mind that just because you start small doesn’t mean your efforts will be in vain. There’s no small business when your dreams are big! So, keep going and good luck!

Sally Mae

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