5 Tips on Selling in Christmas Bazaars

Joining Christmas bazaars not only gives entrepreneurs opportunity to earn extra income. It’s also a great way for them to introduce their brand to the public and get direct feedback from consumers in order to improve their products. More than the money an entrepreneur can earn from bazaars, the experience as well as lessons help them in becoming successful in retail business.

But selling in bazaars takes a lot more than displaying your products and waiting for customers to arrive. Make the most out of your bazaar experience by considering these tips.

1. Identify which bazaar/s you are going to join

Will you be joining the Christmas bazaar at the World Trade Center or the night tiangge in your town plaza? Your decision would highly depend on your target market and product. If you’re selling inexpensive products, it is easier to get your ROI by selling in tiangges which have much lesser rent cost compared to big-time bazaars. If your specific target market are the ones who grace big Metro Manila bazaars, don’t be afraid to invest and take risks.

2. Make your booth attract the crowd

How do you make your booth stand out in a bazaar? Optimizing your space doesn’t mean filling your entire booth with your products. See to it to make your booth interesting and inviting enough to attract customers. You may put signage indicating information and the prices of your product. Rather than making it look sophisticated, make sure that your booth will encourage interaction with potential customers.

3. Have the right attitude

Once your booth is physically set, it’s now time for you to do your share in attracting customers. Greet your customers sincerely and always smile. Avoid trying to sound like a salesperson trying to make a pitch as your customers have already heard enough in the bazaar. Rather than marketing the product’s price and features, focus more on the benefits it gives.

4. Be prepared for hagglers

Bazaars attract customers mainly because these places allow them to haggle. Haggling situations can be really stressful for you and your staff if you are not prepared. See to it that your products are reasonably priced and give allowance for customers asking for discounts.

5. Give business cards

One advantage of joining bazaars is that it gives entrepreneurs a window of opportunities. Buying one product from your booth may not be the end of it for a customer. He or she may need your product in the future that’s why it’s important that you prepare business cards for future transactions. Try to give two or three business cards at a time so they can share it with their friends. If you have an online shop, don’t forget to include your website in the card.

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