5 Tips in Running a Resort Business in the Philippines

How do Filipinos make the most out of summer?

Ask every Pinoy and they’ll certainly tell you that their summer won’t be complete without going to a resort. It has been the go-to place of Filipinos for rest, relaxation and recreation. Indeed, every town in the Philippines has at least one resort.


Aside from accommodating vacationers and tourists, resorts can serve as event venue for birthdays, baptisms, weddings and other types of celebrations all-year round. With this in mind, putting up a resort business can be very lucrative particularly if you put it in a good location.

After coming up with a viable investment plan, choosing a perfect location, and transforming your location’s appearance, here are some things you need to do in order to keep your resort business afloat.

1. Monitor costs.

Resort owners have to face the sad reality that most bookings are done during summer season. By keeping this in consideration, try to monitor and control the costs so that during lean months, June to November, your sales, no matter how low, are enough to sustain operations.

2. Come up with packages and discounts.

With resorts sprouting almost everywhere, a resort owner must come up with promos and discounts that can attract customers. Tie up with tour groups, offer free use of certain facilities and develop family or barkada packages to make your business stand out.

3. Introduce unique facilities and activities

Nowadays, people don’t just go to resorts to swim. They prefer resorts which offer unique and fun activities and facilities. For instance, many vacationers are fond of the idea of glamping or glamorous camping.  Take advantage of this new travel trend and offer glamping amenities.

4. Take advantage of social marketing.

Metrodeal, CashCash Pinoy and Deal Grocer are just some websites that tie up with resort owners to market their businesses. This business strategy proves to be very helpful as most people have access to online advertisements and are always in the look for big discounts.

5. Focus on customer service.

No matter how attractive and excellent the amenities that a resort offers, customer service will always play a big role in retaining clients. In reality, the resort staff can make or break your business. Train them well and make sure that they give your guests a great resort experience.

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