5 Ways To Determine Your Child’s Chance To Be A Business Tycoon

When it comes to anything that you want to instill in your kids, they say that it is always better to start them young.

This is true even in business. For your children to be successful in the business world, you have to help them develop an entrepreneurial mindset.


For those whose kids are not that small anymore, here are some ways to know if your child is going to be the next business role model in our country. If you see the need to focus on one aspect, remember that it is never too late to teach them.

1. Your child loves talking to people

A good set of social skills is one thing that every entrepreneur should have. She needs to love it when she talks to different people and in turn find the common ground that will make her succeed. If she gets along with people well, and they also love being with her, then your child is already exhibiting good social skills.

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2. Your child is “wais”

When she was younger, you may have called her “pilya” for being wise in her ways to solve her problem. If you encourage this behavior and make sure that it is ok to be “wais” as long as she is not stepping on other people, then your child has a long way to go.

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3. Your child refuses to give up easily

If your child is persistent and ends up trying different solutions to solve her problems, then you can rest assured that the business world may be for her. Persistence and perseverance added to a problem-solver attitude are a very important skill in business.

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4. Your child is flexible

If your child is flexible and is able to adapt to changes easily, then you are also seeing a future business person. The ability to adapt to a certain situation without giving up or getting angry is the key to making sure that a business survives the trials that may come its way.

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5. Your child loves to read

They say that when a child loves reading, then there is nothing that she cannot learn. If she thinks of anything to try, she will resort to books and learn from the experts while molding her own personality with skills and insights that she learns.

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