7 Business Ideas For Pet Lovers

Filipinos are huge pet lovers. Why? Filipinos in general love families, and because of this, they find loving and caring for pets an extension of their families and loved ones. However, pets can be a little high maintenance but do not be discouraged because this is what makes them a good subject for building your own business even from home.

If you love your pets and you want to earn at the same time, check out these tips about great business ideas for pet lovers.

1. Grooming services and supplies

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Filipinos don’t like spending too much money on services they can do themselves but this could be an exception. Animals, such as dogs, need proper care and grooming that probably only professionals can properly give. This includes nail cutting, hair trimming, oral hygiene and the like. While their pets are getting the care they need, owners can look around your store and purchase grooming supplies such as pet shampoo, fish tanks, toothbrush and toothpaste and many more.

2. Pet cafe

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Pet cafe is a brilliant concept because it gives pets the luxurious experience to be treated like humans. The idea is to welcome customers in a cafe and while they eat and drink, they get to cuddle and play with animals without hesitation! This is a very nice way to keep your customers coming because it helps them relax, especially if the cafe is located in a busy city. It will be good for both the customer and the pet– and the business owner, of course.

3. Homemade pet food and treats

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If your capital isn’t much, you can start by making homemade food and treats for pets. Pets love food and their owners will do everything just to give them the best treats. If you have the interest, the skills, and the right tools, you can create pet-friendly delicacies from home in no time.

4. Accessories

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Pets are already cute and adorable but sometimes, pet owners go an extra mile for their animals. Look into the business and you will find a variety of pet accessories you can resell online. By doing so, you get to save a lot from the capital to wages and rent. Accessories include pet beds, carriers, cages, collars and clothing and even pet strollers.

5. Training

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Let’s face it. If you care about your pets, you will train them. Training is indeed costly but it is worth it and if customers find you effective in training pets, they will effortlessly spend thousands just book an hour with you. Training include potty training and some basic commands like ‘stay’ are really important.

6. Photography

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Pets are hard to photograph. Sometimes if they find a camera pointing at them, they act crazy! This is where professional pet photographers come in. Pet owners like making fun memories with their pets but they can’t capture precious moments every time. If you are good at it, you can try taking beautiful photos of pets and gain income from it.

7. Blogging

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Yes, passion can get so across the world even with a single published article! If your heart is huge for animals, you can blog about it. Write tips, pieces of advice, or adventures with your pets and eventually gain following. Once you have reached a required number of posts, you can use ads to monetize your writings. The earnings won’t grow overnight, but just think about is an online journal and a long-term investment for you and your pets.

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