8 Business Ideas For Kids And Teenagers

As they say, you are never too young or old to start your own business. The same way as you are never too young nor old to learn new things.

If you are in college, there are several ways that you can start your business.

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But if you are still in high school or elementary, you may want to start looking into the ways you can earn on the side while you are studying. This will help you experience what it is to manage a business.


Whether you offer some products or your own services, starting young always has its advantages.

Offer products:

Homemade Sweets. You can start by saving up for ingredients of some homemade sweets you can do at home and then sell to your neighbors.

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Destash your items. If you have things at home that you don’t use anymore, you can ask your parents if you can set up a garage sale and sell them there.

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Resell other products. If you don’t have your own products yet, ask to be a reseller of a product that you can sell. Some suppliers also offer drop shipping options that can help you manage your sales.

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Handmade items. Items that can be customized are popular to couples who want to give their special someone gifts especially on holidays and on Valentine’s Day.

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Offer services:

Babysitting or Dog sitting. These two are not that popular here in the Philippines. But you can start by asking your neighbors and your relatives if they want to pay you for these services.

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Academic, sports, extracurricular tutorial. If you are good at sports, music or studies, you can start offering these services to your fellow students or neighbors.

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Facebook management. There are Facebook page owners or blog owners who are looking for people to manage their social media accounts. You can offer this service if you love using Facebook.

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YouTube channel. If you are good at one thing, you can offer that skill for the whole world to see. Create your YouTube channel and be consistent with your posts, followers will then flock if they like your contents.

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