Agripreneur Shares Tips On How To Start A Broiler Chicken Farm

Starting a broiler chicken farm isn’t as complicated as raising other livestock. It’s also highly profitable because there’s always a high demand for chicken all year round. While it may seem easy to start, it entails a good amount of capital, as there are a few considerations you have to keep in mind when raising broiler chickens, such as feed, vitamin supplements, medication, and living spaces.

Agripreneur Shares Tips On How To Start A Broiler Chicken Farm
Screenshot: Agripreneur via Youtube

In this article, a certified agriprenuer with a broiler farm will share some tips to ensure the success of your business.

In an episode of Jiggy Manicad’s Agripreneur, Ellen Tomas of Jet Boiler Farm shared that she started a feed business in 2016, but soon decided to open a broiler farm because it’s highly profitable. She said that success on a broiler farm is easy. She said that she harvests every 35 days, meaning that after 35 days, she could already assess if her harvest is enough for their expected profit.

1. Prepare your capital

Starting to build a building for your broiler chickens entails a good amount of investment. Plus, you need to purchase day-old chicks, feeds, vitamins, and many other things. “Kaya sa umpisa, mahirap magumpisa magput up ng business ng ganito,” Ellen explained.

2. Start small

Because it entails a good amount of money, Ellen suggested starting small. Initially, buy a small number of chicks, start with a small building, etc. Not only is it easier to manage, but it also helps you learn if this type of business is for you. Ellen said everything is a learning process, and the more time you spend with your farm, the more you learn. When you’ve learned the ropes of the farm, you can decide to expand and buy more chicks.

Agripreneur Shares Tips On How To Start A Broiler Chicken Farm
Screenshot: Agripreneur via Youtube

She said, “Sa simula, pakonti-konti. Kasi dito mo titingnan kung maganda ba. Kung baga nag-aaral ka pa eh. Parang Grade 1 ka, nag-aaral ka ng konti, hanggang sa alam mo na ang mga gagawin, saka mo pa lang siya dadag-dagan.”

3. Research

As Ellen said, managing your broiler is a learning process. Part of learning is researching and studying, finding out what your chicks need, the best feeds, the suitable environment, and more. There’s so much more to learn when you’re raising livestock. And if you want your farm to succeed, you need to learn as much as you can.

4. Face challenges

According to Ellen, their greatest lesson came from their greatest challenge. “Ang greatest challenge ay nung bumaba and presyo ng manok. Super baba talaga.” But like any determined entrepreneur, Ellen faced the challenges because she was focused on her goal. She said, “Ang sabi nga pag sumuko ka, eh di ka mananalo. Kaya laban, laban, laban.”

We hope Ellen’s story and tips for raising broiler chickens will inspire and motivate you to start your farm someday too. You can also try raising quails or free-range chickens; the possibilities are endless. It’s not easy, but if it’s your dream, you can start small and until you turn it into big wins. Good luck!

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