Ara Mina’s Failures Helped Make Her A Successful Entrepreneur

Ara Mina is one of those lucky celebrities who seem to have a “golden touch” when it comes to business. To date, she has 7 businesses running under her name. She even married a successful businessman, Dave Almarinez. But Ara’s secret to success is more than her influence as a celebrity; it’s her grit and determination to rise against failures in business.

Ara Mina's Failures Helped Make Her A Successful Entrepreneur
Image by Ara Mina via Instagram

Ara juggles her work as an actress and managing her many businesses. She owns a beauty and skincare line called Ara’s Secret, a cafè-resto named Hazelberry Cafè, a fine dining resto in Tagaytay named Evergreen by Ara, an online shop called the Ara Mina Shop, a home essentials and decor shop named the Ara Home, and a makeup line in partnership with Ever Bilena named Ara Colours. Recently, she and her husband Dave opened a holdings company named AForce Ventures.

In an interview with Philstar, Ara shared that she had been through six failed businesses. She admitted to finally finding success with her seventh business, Ara’s Secrets, which she launched 11 years ago. She said it was successful because she launched them online instead of starting with a physical store. Like entrepreneurs who manage online stores, Ara always advises being very hands-on with your business.

“First of all, you have to be hands-on because if you’re really hands-on, you will encounter, experience and know everything, down to the nitty gritty of the business,” she said.

In a separate article on Pep, Ara explained that it’s really difficult to handle a business, but she has always believed in hard work.

She said, “Hindi biro mag-business, e. Ang hirap. Hindi, sa totoo lang, ang lakas ng loob ko, pero it’s really hard to have a business.” [Managing a business is no laughing matter. It is extremely difficult. But I’ve always been brave.]

“Naniniwala ako na kapag may tiyaga pala may nilaga. And napatunayan ko na totoo rin yung quote, yung favorite quote ko na ‘Try and try until you succeed.’” [I’ve always believed that hard work pays off, and I’ve proven my favorite quote.]

Managing a successful online store can be challenging, but also rewarding. You can always do research and read more tips on how to start an online store.

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