Arci Muñoz Ventures Into Business By Selling Official BT21 Merchandise

Starting a business based on something you love can be a great way to make money while doing something enjoyable. Whether it’s a hobby, passion, or interest that you have, turning it into a business can be incredibly rewarding.

Arci Muñoz Ventures Into Business By Selling Official BT21 Merchandise
Image by Arci Muñoz via Facebook

For Arci Muñoz, she turned her love for the Korean boy band BTS, or Bangtan Boys, into a business venture. She introduces “SuperKGoods“, an online store that sells authentic BTS merchandise straight from Korea.

The actress shared her excitement about her new business on Instagram. She wrote, “Ready na ba kayo mabudol? I’m so excited to finally share SuperKGoods @superkgoods featuring authentic and original BT21 merch from Korea!!!” [Are you ready to be gullible?]

Arci, who is a huge BTS fan, said that her business is truly close to her heart because she could share something that she truly loves. “You guys know how much I love anything BT21 and now, finally, I have my own collection to share with you. Hope you all love this as much as I do!” she added.

Arci stated in an interview with Pika Pika that, as the CEO of her company, she looks forward to sharing her love for BT21 merchandise.

“Ngayon, we partnered with the official BT21 merch sa Korea. Ako rin po iyong CEO. I’m just sharing kung ano po iyong nagpapasaya sa akin. I’m always in Korea meeting with these people,” she explained. [Now, we partnered with the official BT21 merch in Korea. I’m also the CEO. I’m just sharing what makes me happy.]

Arci said the Korean boyband has inspired and motivated her in so many things. She couldn’t even explain how they made her happy. In fact, Arci attended 15 BTS concerts all over the world.

“They inspire me in so many levels na hindi ko ma-explain. I guess if it’s what really makes you happy, di mo na kailangang i-explain,” she said. [They inspire me on so many levels I can’t explain. I guess if something really makes you happy, it doesn’t need any explanation at all.]

Just like Arci, a teenager also turned her hobby into a business as she opened a merchandise and milk tea store inspired by her love for K-pop.

K-pop has become increasingly popular in the Philippines and selling merchandise can be a very lucrative business. You can make money by selling things like T-shirts, posters, pins, accessories, and more. Some go to extra lengths to become official distributors, while others start small businesses that are K-Pop-inspired. You can resell or even make products that show off your love for your favorite K-pop artists and groups. Good luck!

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