Artist Impresses with Realistic Charcoal Portraits, Charges Only Php100 Each

An artist impresses with realistic charcoal portraits, but charges only Php100 each! Many netizens believe he has such an amazing talent and that he should charge more for his portraits…

Going by the name Rhon Wayne Frndz on Facebook, the artist would impress everyone with his realistic charcoal portraits.

Photo credit: Rhon Wayne Frndz / Facebook

You might think he’s using a computer application to digitally recreate the photos or that he is using high-end materials for his project. But he is actually using just charcoal for the portraits. Wow!

It is clear from the colored ‘before’ snapshots and the black-and-white ‘after’ portraits that this guy has amazing talent in drawing. Yet many netizens were amazed that he is only selling those portraits for Php100.

Since the portraits come cheap but have excellent quality, Rhon quickly drew a lot of clients on his social media account. Some people think this might be his business strategy to get noticed and to get more clients, yet it appears that he has no plans of increasing the price of his drawings yet.

Photo credit: Rhon Wayne Frndz / Facebook

At Php100, the portraits are really so cheap. Many netizens continue to urge him to increase the price to at least Php500; though some believe the drawings could be worth Php5,000 or more! Do you agree?

There were also artists who urged him to increase his prices, saying that getting payment at such low rates could hurt the industry. But Rhon appears to be determined to keep his prices low so that he could also cater to clients who can’t afford expensive portraits.

Photo credit: Rhon Wayne Frndz / Facebook

So far, his strategy is working. While he is not earning millions on his drawings, he has a steady stream of clients waiting for him to finish his work with other clients.

Rhon prefers clients living near his home in Southville 5a in Langkiwa in Biñan, Laguna, but he is likely to offer charcoal portraits for online clients as well.

What is Charcoal Painting?

Photo credit: Rhon Wayne Frndz / Facebook

Charcoal painting is any drawing that is made using charcoal. There are many types of charcoal used for painting. There are ready-made charcoal materials you can buy along with other artist supplies but there are also artists who can paint with raw charcoal.

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