Beauty, Brains, and Business Instincts: How Two Beauty Queens Turn into Businesswomen

After successfully completing their reigns as international beauty queens, Maggie Wilson-Consunji and Parul Shah have taken their crowns off their head, ditched their stilettos, and wore a different set of a hat—as businesswomen.

BFF’s Maggie and Parul are now running called Casa Consunji, a furniture and home decors shop located at Acacia Estates in Taguig City.

After her stint as Bb. Pilipinas-World 2007, Maggie felt the need to showcase her other skills or talents. To do so, she has done a lot to grow as a person, including going back to school to study interior design.

parul and shah

Photo credit: Facebook/Casa Consunji

The two former beauty queens are also co-winners in the fifth season of the reality game show Amazing Race Asia by AXN, another feather in their hats.

Beauty queens turned entrepreneurs

As business owners, Parul and Maggie do the sourcing of furniture pieces themselves. As they said, both of them may look glamorous, but the work they do is not and the places they go to are not sexy, either. They have to personally test the quality or durability of every item that they pick. In working with suppliers, Parul was able to discover a new talent of hers—haggling.

parul and shah

Photo credit: Facebook/Casa Consunji

It was during their first sourcing trip to Bali when Parul discovered her expertise in the art of haggling.

As they regularly deal with multiple suppliers and merchandiser, Maggie shared that she would just sit and watch Parul negotiate with the suppliers. Parul’s exotic looks also worked for their advantage, as locals from other Asian countries would think that the former Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism 2014 is one of them. When that happens, the two beauty-queens-turned-entrepreneurs will score a good deal.

Parul shared that when it comes to business, one has to be very patient. She added that you have to court the suppliers to get the best deal so you can sell the products for a lot less.

Featured Image: Instagram/@parulshahofficial


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