Bituin Products Light Up the Future for the Local Farmers

A group of college students started a venture which realizes their aspirations as a youth. ‘Bituin’—a bath and skincare line—does not only protect the environment by veering away from plastic packaging but it also gives everyone access to hygiene products. However, the most important thing about Bituin is that it supports the local farmers.

“Our intention is to create and produce cheap but quality zero-waste hygiene products accessible to the masses,” the trio shares.

Composed of Jade, Andal, and Marquez, the Bituin founders envision selling zero-waste bath and skincare products using locally sourced natural products that will ultimately help local farmers and minimize the amount of trash.

When they were just starting, the group decided to tap local resources.


Image: Facebook/Bituin

“A lot of farmers in the Philippines are not able to sell their produce because of closed markets due to the prevailing pandemic crisis. Obviously, a lot of those farmers also do not have access to delivery services or applications to deliver their products or get new customers’ orders. Most likely, such constraints have reduced their sense of self-confidence, even self-esteem,” they explain.

Water-activated shampoo—the first in the country

One of the products that the team has been working on is the water-activated shampoo.

“Initially, we wanted to sell shampoo tablets but experiments on its prototypes weren’t successful. Consequently, we opted to just use the same ingredients and not compress them into a tablet form,” they share.


Image: Facebook/Bituin

One of the main ingredients of the water-activated shampoo is derived from coconut sourced from a local business in Davao. Meanwhile, the fruit- and plant-based ingredients are from Baguio and other small farms and businesses.

These water-activated shampoos are available in different variants—aloe vera extract and maca root; orange peel with maca root; and arrowroot with lavender extract. A bottle is good for 60 washes.

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