Brokenhearted Guy Focuses on Business after Breakup, Saves Php16,000 in 4 Months

A college student who broke up with his girlfriend last August 30 decided to just focus on his sideline business and simply save up the money he used to spend on their dates. In just 4 months, he was able to save Php16,000!

On PESO SENSE, a financial literacy page on Facebook, the young man shared his journey from heartbreak to happiness after he broke up with his girlfriend.

According to this young man who chose to remain anonymous, he decided last September 1 to simply save up the money he used to spend on dates with his girlfriend; he decided to focus on earning money from his sideline jobs.

Living in the province, he would sell gasoline by the liter to passersby. Since he earned Php10 per liter, he was already earning a lot on gasoline alone.

But he also let his neighbors loan a 25-kg sack of rice each month, just asking them Php150 per month for each sack of rice. Since there were many who took this loan from him, the young man was also able to earn a lot of money on this sideline business.

In fact, even though he is still a student, he proudly shared that he no longer asks his parents for allowance.

But netizens were more impressed by the fact that he was able to save a lot of money because he was no longer going out on dates! In just 4 months, he was able to save Php16,400. This came from his earnings in business.

Certainly, if this guy would continue doing business and also saving up his money, he would have a higher capital to expand his business next year.

Of course, there were netizens who encouraged him to have fun and not just focus solely on making money, but it seems that he is really enjoying saving a lot of money. It keeps him more motivated to do business.

Good luck to you, young man!

Image credits: Facebook / PESO SENSE

Joy Adalia
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