Burger Shop In Cebu Gives Job Opportunities For PWD

A burger shop in Cebu City is gaining praise for its advocacy of providing jobs to people with disabilities (PWD).

Burger Shop In Cebu Gives Job Opportunities For PWD
Screengrab: GMA via Youtube

Brecs Robles, a deaf person, shared how challenging it is for PWD like him to find a job. He’s now working as a bookkeeper at Dubby’s Ultimate Burger, and he’s truly thankful that he was given the opportunity.

“It’s really hard kasi alam ko po as a deaf person. Kaunti lang po ang nakakahanap ng trabaho, especially makapasok sa isang company. I really want po na magbukas ang maraming opportunities for deaf people,” he shared in an episode of GMA’s Pera Paraan.

The couple behind this great advocacy for PWDs is John Paul Maunes and his wife, Merryl. They own Dubby’s Ultimate Burger in Cebu City, which hires PWDs to make its delicious burgers. According to John Paul, the dedication the PWDs have to their jobs is also reflected in the good quality of the food they serve.

He said, “They are capable and they have the potential. They also have the right to show what they can do. Kaya nagreflect ito sa product namin, sa pagkain, kaya masarap ang mga burger namin.”

John Paul opened their burger joint because he was such a burger fanatic. He frequently prepares hamburgers for his wife, a chief nurse at a public hospital. He would post photos of the burger he made for his wife, and many people would usually inquire if it was for sale.

Burger Shop In Cebu Gives Job Opportunities For PWD
Screengrab: GMA via Youtube

John Paul grabbed the opportunity in 2020 to launch his burger shop, Dubby’s. It started as a home-based business before finally opening its own physical shop. He decided to hire some of the members of PADS, or the Philippine Accessible Disability Services, where he used to work as executive director.

Dubby’s isn’t just popular for its advocacy but also for its delicious burgers. According to the store owner, they strive to perfect their burgers to taste like a legit American cheeseburger. The secret to their best-tasting burgers is their premium grass-fed New Zealand beef and homemade special sauce. The price of their burgers ranges from P130 to P300.

Dubby’s now has 3 stores around Cebu with 23 staff, the majority of which are PWDs. The good deeds they have extended to PWDs have given them so many blessings as well. From a starting capital of P500, their business is now earning over P300,000 every month. John Paul’s business became an inspiration to other local businesses to hire and give opportunities to PWDs.

There are many inspiring burger shop businesses that became successful. A former street child found success when he opened his own burger shop. If you’re interested, you can start learning how to start a burger shop business.

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