5 Business Ideas And Products You Can Easily Make At Home And Sell Online

Sometimes relying on a supplier for your items can be a drawback for your business. Often, it’s better to be your own “supplier” and start creating your own products to sell. Creating your own products to sell online has many advantages. First, it lets you run your own business and gives you complete control over how the product is made, priced, and sold. Next, you get to sell a unique and signature product rather than a generic one that can be found anywhere.

5 Business Ideas And Products You Can Easily Make At Home And Sell Online
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If you want to start making your own things to sell, here are some ideas to get you started.

1. T-shirts

T-shirt and other merchandise making is a lucrative business because you can give your customers something they won’t find anywhere else. If you’re creative at heart, put that to good use by creating unique designs that will help create your branding. If you’re not creative, you can also use different easy-to-use online applications like Canva to help you get started with your designs. This small business can grow into something big, as in the case of the former call center agent who now earns P100,000 selling tie-dye shirts.

2. Jewelry and accessories

Creating and selling your own unique jewelry and accessories is a great way to put your imagination to work, create something original, and make some money. If you don’t have the necessary skillset yet, there are tons of video guides online to help you get started. Once you’re ready, get the materials and practice making your own collections of jewelry and accessories to sell online. Like the entrepreneur who started making accessories at age 12, she now owns the popular brand Tala by Kyla.

3. Online courses

Offering online courses as a business allows you to reach more people and earn more money. You can teach online courses in real-time and sell access to the recorded sessions. Your content can be used and reused anytime to be sold. You can also offer your courses every month, like a subscription business, which will give you more ways to make money over time.

4. Candles

A candle-making business can be highly profitable. Creating your own handmade candles allows you to make unique products that can be your signature products. Plus, it doesn’t require much equipment and materials to start making candles. You can go with simple candles or offer scented and aromatherapy candles.

5. Candies

Starting a candy business is a great idea, especially if you can make your own. There are tons of videos online on how to make various candies. Even better, since they are homemade, you can set a premium price compared to other generic sweets sold everywhere.

These are just some of the ideas you can make to sell online. There are tons more you can look into based on your hobbies and interests. Be creative!

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