Businesses Owned by Neri Naig’s Husband Chito Miranda

He’s known mostly as the lead singer and among the founding members of the 90s band, Parokya ni Edgar, but Chito Miranda isn’t just an artist but also a businessman!

Not only did he use most of his earnings from the band to build various businesses, but he also revealed that he’s been investing in business long before he became famous. Also, he taught his wife Neri Naig how to handle her finances – and she now has a lot of successful businesses, too!

Restaurant and Café Businesses of Chito Miranda

According to Chito, he actually has several businesses, but most are really just “behind the scenes”. For example, he has several real estate properties that he’s renting out.

In one of his vlogs, he shares the businesses that cater more to a lot of people. These come in the form of restaurants, each with different features.

Photo credit: Chito Miranda

Chito Miranda’s restaurant and café businesses are the following:

  • Quento, a laundry shop with a coffee and barbershop
  • Tomato Kick or TK, a Pinoy restaurant and bar
  • 12 Monkeys, a bar and restaurant with live entertainment
  • Serene, a Pinoy restaurant inside a mall that also serves South Korean dishes such as kimchi

Business Lessons from Chito Miranda

Chito’s wife Neri Naig shared her business advice that inspired a lot of people. But did you know that she learned most of those things from her husband? That’s what Chito revealed in his vlog.

Photo credit: Chito Miranda

So, here are some advice from Chito:

Invest Early

Because he’s ‘lazy’ and didn’t want his family to suffer if he no longer has gigs in the future, Chito invested his money in businesses. He wants to have a steady income from a business so he can earn money even if he doesn’t work.

Live a Low-Key Lifestyle

Instead of buying flashy cars and mansions, he lived a low-key lifestyle and invested his earnings into stuff that made him more money.

Change Your Mindset

Chito admits to being the spoiled child of a spoiled child. His grandparents were super-rich but his parents and their siblings weren’t able to maintain their businesses.

Photo credit: Chito Miranda

So, he started working even as a college student at Ateneo. That’s how he changed his mindset from spending into earning.

Teach Business to Your Family

Getting lessons from his own family’s experience of being super-rich to broke, Chito made sure to teach his wife and hopes to teach his children about business.

Photo credit: Chito Miranda

Watch his inspiring vlog here:

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