Candy Corner Survives the Pandemic by Sticking to Its Mission of Making People Happy

The pandemic caused a lot of business closures, not only in the Philippines but also in other parts of the world. It did not spare the big ones and those which were able to survive have to make a lot of adjustments. However, in taking new steps to remain relevant, it has to stick to its brand. Otherwise, they would lose their loyal patrons.

Candy Corner Philippines is one business that was able to carry on since the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine last March up to the present. They were able to do so by embarking on new strategies while, at the same time, sticking to its core mission of making people happy.

Candy Corner Philippines

Image: Facebook/Candy Corner

According to its Business development manager Regina Victoria Andres, as a mall-based business under the ‘impulse-driven’ category, the said lockdown had a big effect on the sales of Candy Corner.

Going back to the basic

“When the ECQ hit, we were lucky enough to already have our Candy Corner shop online. We’re able to generate some sales even if our stores were closed. The challenge was how are we going to stay relevant given the situation? Why would I buy candy now? Everybody is rushing to buy tissue, alcohol, masks,” she explained.

“We found our answer by going back to our core mission which is simply to make people happy with our feel-good products and everything follow from there,” Regina added.

Candy Corner Philippines

Image: Facebook/Candy Corner

Aside from the usual sweet stuff, the Candy Corner online shop also introduced a new baking supply concept. They also offered personalized gift messages and same-day delivery options.

Furthermore, they found out that Filipinos are caving into their sweet cravings. However, they are now looking for healthier options such as sugar-free varieties and gluten-free ingredients.

At present, there are at least 71 Candy Corner stores nationwide which are open for business.

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