Celebrities Found New Ways to Earn Despite Limited Showbiz Engagements

The pandemic has affected almost all sectors of society and even the celebrities themselves were never spared. The daily television program has been limited to those which can be held online. Shootings are limited. Live events and gatherings for entertainment purposes are still not allowed under the general community quarantine.

It’s a good thing that some of these celebrities were able to find other sources of income.

Actor Benjamin Alves started selling Ecuadorian roses, which can be arranged according to the customers’ preferences and needs. Lovely Abella, on the other hand, now has her own cosmetic line named after her—Lovely Cosmetics. She just recently launched lipsticks that came in five different shades.

Meanwhile, couple Derek Ramsay and Andrea Torres are selling high-tech face masks that have a rechargeable fan that allows the wearer to breathe normally.

Food, food, and more food

Food businesses have expanded at this time of lockdowns and community quarantines. A great number of celebrities have ventured into the food business, as well.

Ate Gay, known for impersonating superstar, Nora Aunor, has opened her own siomai cart which offers steamed siomai, siomai noodles, siomai rice, and siopao. Actor Mike Tan found a very good recipe for cinnamon, which, according to him is even better than the popular ones. He described the rolls as ‘moan-inducing’, thus naming them, ‘Cinnamoans MNL’.

It was the same choice of product for dancer-husband and wife, Jopay and Joshua Zamora. They have different offerings on their list that includes—Choco Banana Bread, and sashimi. They also have a variety of ‘kutkutin’ to offer—adobong mani, squash, green peas, sweet beans, beer nuts, and mix nuts.

Gloc-9, who loves cooking, is also offering his customers fried chicken, and coffee, aside from selling shirts and jersey.

Another actress-turned-baker, Winwyn Marquez is selling various types of bread which include various types of pandesal, such as classic plain, ube cheese halaya, pandan, banana, and malunggay.

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