DA Releases New SRP for Rice and Other Agri Products

To protect consumers and serve as a guide for sellers especially now that the country is in the middle of a health crisis, the Department of Agriculture (DA) released Administrative Circular No. 10 setting a new standard retail price for 11 basic and prime agricultural and fishery commodities in Metro Manila.

According to DA Secretary William Dar, the Price Act directs the agency to issue SRP for any or all basic necessities and prime commodities under its jurisdiction for the information and guidance of producers, retailers, and consumers.

The new SRP for imported special rice is at P52 per kilo; premium rice at P43 per kilo; and well-milled rice at P38 per kilo.

standard retail price

Meanwhile, local special rice is priced at P53 per kilo; premium at P45 per kilo; and well-milled at P40 per kilo.

On the other hand, bangus should be sold at ₱169 per kilo, according to the new SRP, while tilapia at ₱120 per kilo; local galunggong at ₱140 per kilo; and imported galunggong at ₱180 per kilo.

For both consumers and businesses

Early this year, the DA has also set an SRP for selected items.

“We will conduct regular monitoring of these agri-fishery commodities to protect consumers against hoarding and profiteering of unscrupulous traders and cartels, who manipulate for their advantage the supply, distribution, marketing, and prices of basic agri-fishery goods,” Secretary Dar said.

He added that the DA is joining forces with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), and respective local government units (LGUs) in Metro Manila to monitor the prices in public markets on a regular basis, and impose sanctions on erring retailers.

standard retail price

Secretary Dar also shared that the in setting up SRP for selected food items, the government ensures the availability of basic necessities and prime commodities at reasonable prices at all times, without denying a fair return on business investments.

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