Dani Barretto Supports And Defends An Elderly Live Seller Bashed Online

Every live seller knows how challenging the business is. Not only must you be wary of “joy miners,” or people who place fake orders, but you may also receive hate and criticism for your products. Unfortunately, an elderly live seller faced bashing when she tried selling Dani Barretto’s Bare and Bold products.

Dani Barretto Supports And Defends An Elderly Live Seller Bashed Online
Screengrab from Dani Barretto’s TikTok video

Nanay Josefina Curan is one of the many live sellers trying their luck on TikTok. She’s a single mother who sells different kinds of products, from lotions to other small items. One time, she went live to sell some of Dani’s popular products, such as The Mill’s tote bags and more. Nanay Josefina was bashed by the viewers for allegedly selling fake products and even tagged Dani.

Because of the ruckus, Dani went on TikTok to clarify that the items that Nanay Josefina was selling were legit items from her. She added, “Please don’t bash her. She’s a single mom trying to make a living for her kids. Please choose to be kind every day.”

According to Dani, during her live session on TikTok, many told her about how Nanay Josefina received hate and bashing for selling Dani’s products. “Tinatawag siyang scammer, manloloko, and all of that sa live niya and that did not sit well with me,” Dani said. [She was being called a scammer, fake seller, and all that during her live.]

Dani clarified that she sent Nanay Josefina products and groceries to support her. “Hindi po scammer si Nanay Josefina. Ako po talaga ang nagpadala niyan sa kaniya. Pinadala ko po young mga Bare and Bold kahapon at yung mga groceries na iyan. Hindi po siya scammer at hindi rin po siya manloloko. Utang na loob huwag kayong ganyan,” she said. [Nanay Josefina is not a scammer. I sent her those Bare and Bold products yesterday and the groceries. She’s not a scammer or a fake seller. Please don’t be like that to her.]

“Kung wala po kayong alam, huwag kayong nanghuhusga ng tao na ganoon,” she said. [If you don’t know the facts, don’t go judging people that way.]

She stated that she just came across Nanay Josefina’s live stream and that “she really touched my heart,” so she decided to personally comment on her live stream, follow her, and promise to give her groceries and vitamins. The additional Bare and Bold products were a surprise for Nanay Josefina.

The celebrity entrepreneur admitted that Nanay Josefina initially didn’t know her when she messaged her on Tiktok, but it didn’t stop Dani from supporting her. “So, please don’t bash Nanay Josefina. Visit her TikTok shop and support her,” she added. In an update, Nanay Josefina shared that she reached 1 million likes on her live and thousands of viewers.

Now, that’s such a feel-good ending! If you’re also a live seller with low viewers, you can learn some tips on live selling and how to attract customers.

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