Diana Zubiri Surprises Netizens after Sharing Her Many Food Carts and Other Businesses

Did you know that Diana Zubiri owns many food carts and other businesses like real estate, sports apparel, and beauty products?

A lot of people out their favorite stars on a pedestal, thinking that they are better than us, ordinary netizens. Thus, many get surprised when these stars commit mistakes or do things that ‘ordinary’ people do.

Just like Diana Zubiri, a beautiful actress who is known for her impressive performance as “Sang’gre Danaya”, one of the princesses of Encantadia and the keeper of the Earth Gem in the ‘fanta-serye’ first launched in 2005.

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Diana continues to star in various movies and TV projects, the latest of which is on “Dragon Lady” where she plays as Almira Sanchez-Atienza / Lavender Del Fuego.

The Businesswoman

Diana enjoys her life outside showbiz, managing several businesses alongside her husband, Andy Smith. Together, the two own several franchises of food carts, particularly siomai and fries that are in Lagro and Maginhawa, Quezon City as well as in Marikina Public Market.

Photo credit: dianazubirifoodcarts / Instagram

To keep her fans updated and inviting them to patronize her stores, Diana even made Instagram accounts for her businesses.

But Diana is not just focused on their food cart business. In fact, that’s just one of the many businesses the couple own. They also have 12 units of apartments that they are renting out. With her earnings from “Dragon Lady”, she was able to buy two condo units which they plan to turn into AirBNB units.

Photo credit: dianazubirifoodcarts / Instagram

And because she’s a famous local star with a gorgeous face, Diana is the best model for her beauty products business, Beauche International by Diana Zubiri. The store is located in Marikina City.

She also owns G3 and Be Amazing, offering sports and workout apparel; but the couple plans on relaunching the brand under a new name.

Photo credit: dianazubirifoodcarts / Instagram

What is AirBNB?

AirBNB is the business model that allows homeowners to host travelers into their own homes, condos, cottages, or apartment units. AirBNB connects homeowners with the travelers, providing everyone with an easy platform for bookings and payments.

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