DIY Ice Scramble Business That Started From P5K Capital, Now Earning P30K Weekly

Looking back, ice scramble has always been a hit Pinoy streetfood. Many would reminisce about enjoying this cold treat after a long day at school or after attending the mass. Now, the ice scramble is again gaining popularity as it dons a new look and much more fun toppings.

ice scramble
Screengrab: Pera Paraan via Facebook

Stanley Tan of My Cookie Lab also shared the same childhood memories with ice scramble. He recalled that he came up with the idea after craving for his favorite childhood treat.

“Naalala ko noong bata pa ako, pagkatapos ng school, may kina-kain akong dessert dati, ang pangalan skrambol. Tinry ko siyang hanapin pero wala akong mahanap online na nagbebenta ng skrambol. Kaya naisip ko, ma-try ko ngang ibalik. ” he shared on GMA’s Pera Paraan.

Stanley thought of a creative way to launch ice scramble in his cookie shop. To gain more attention, he offered a huge size of ice scramble that can be shared by a group. It was a big hit as many customers craved the icy treat.

“Dahil kakaiba siya, yung customers namin natuwa, maraming umorder. Imbes na summer offering lang namin siya, ginawa ko ng tuloy-tuloy kasi kahit tag-ulan na at malamig na ang panahon, may naghahanap pa rin,” he added.

According to Stanley, it was really the ice scramble that helped save his business. It was unexpected because back in 2012, their specialty product was whoopie pie. The cookies were a hit during food bazaars but when they opened a physical store, their sales weren’t consistent.

So in 2018, Stanley focused on improving and marketing their ice scramble product. They made it more fun so their customers can assemble their own ice scrambles at home and choose their toppings. They can choose from three sizes.

Image by My Cookie Lab via Facebook

Stanley’s creativity paid off as they are earning over P30,000 in a week from selling ice scramble alone. It only goes to show how important it is to be mindful of what the customers want and be flexible in adjusting your business to the demands.

How To Make Ice Scramble Ala My Cookie Lab

Prepare the ingredients which include white sugar, milk, shaved ice, and food coloring. For the toppings, you can prepare sprinkles, milk powder, marshmallows, corn flakes, and chocolate syrup.

Image by My Cookie Lab via Facebook

Start by adding the white sugar, milk, food coloring, and ice to a blender. Blend until smooth. Assemble it in a cup and add the toppings of your choice. Serve while cold.

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