Earning Money Through Online Therapy and Counseling

The COVID-19 crisis has taught the world that there are actually a lot of things that they can do and accomplish online, without leaving their homes. This includes seeking online therapy and counseling for various mental and psychological problems.

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Types of Therapy

This is the perfect time to grab the opportunity to earn money through online therapy and counseling, now that the world has slow down and people are stuck at home, needing counseling for the many worries they experience in life.

The World of Therapy

Therapy is a broad field that comprises many different types you can offer your client, depending on your field of expertise. Check out these counseling types and see which fields you can offer in the therapy business you plan to open:

Anger Management Therapy

Help clients have a brighter, positive outlook in life as they release pent-up anger and express this in a non-toxic manner.

Art Therapy

Some people think that art therapy won’t be of any use but this has actually proved to be a good outlet, particularly in children who experienced trauma. But the same could also be used for adults.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

If are able to provide CBT, this is a good way to earn money because this is the most common type of talk therapy. Its goal is to help the patient change patterns of thinking or behavior that are behind their difficulties, and so change the way they feel.

Couples Therapy

Often targeted for couples, this is something done to help save a relationship. There are a number of behavioral therapy techniques that couples can apply for a better life together.

Crisis Center

The crisis center is a place where people can turn to for help. It might be a good idea to seek out other therapists in your area to open this kind of business. More often than not, however, a crisis center won’t be earning you a lot of money because the people going there probably don’t have any.

However, this would make a good addition to your resume and provide clients for your business.

Group Therapy

Comprised of several clients with one therapist, this is a nice idea for those who simply want to talk about their problems so they can feel better. Unloading their thoughts and feelings help them have a lighter heart. This is usually cheaper than one-on-one sessions and could still be done online, thanks to new group video options.

Individual Therapy

One-on-one therapy can be costly for the patient, but many prefer this due to social issues. Many feel too shy to talk about their thoughts and feelings to others, choosing to spend time with a therapist whose anonymous, confidential online presence just might be the best thing they experience.

Prevention Lifeline

There are people who might be in need of someone to talk to, but they feel that their problems are too big to handle. You can help save a life by offering a prevention lifeline.

Psychiatric Care

If you are licensed to provide psychiatric care, this is a good business. Psychiatric care is usually covered by insurance companies; thus, more patients are likely to seek out help because they don’t have to shell out a lot of money.

Religious Counseling

If you’re a pastor or religious leader, religious counseling is a nice way to help others. But just like a crisis center, this is likely to be more of a volunteer work type of thing than a business. But this could be a good source of referrals.

Social Workers

While they are not usually thought as part of a counseling team, social workers actually work in broad field. Counseling can also be part of their job. If you are one, you might actually start a business of online counseling to help others.

Talk Therapy

There are clients who just want to talk and talk and talk about their problems. Be a good listener and help them sort their feelings out. Plus, it’s a good way to earn money.

How to Open a Therapy Business

Make sure, of course, that you are qualified to provide therapy and counseling. This is important so you can obtain both professional and business licenses from your locality. Once you fulfill the requirements, register your business so you can legally earn money.

If you plan on solely providing online therapy instead of face-to-face therapy in an office, it is a good idea to have your own Facebook page and website for the business that’s separate from your personal accounts. You can also work for sites like BetterHelp to get more clients, particularly if you are still starting out.

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