Engineer Quits Career to Become a Fish Breeder, Now Earns Huge Income

In life, it is a reality that there are jobs and professions that earn more money than others. Of course, these jobs are often more difficult than others and you’d have to study certain courses (which could be quite expensive), undergo various trainings, and pass licensure exams to get there. Overall, you might have to spend a lot of money to be in these high-paying jobs.

Such could be said for careers in engineering, medicine, and law, among others.

But there are times when entrepreneurs earn more money than these high-paying professionals! And it’s really up to you to find your niche,to find the perfect business that would earn you a lot of money.

Mohd Fajiha Alaihis is an engineer in Malaysia. As a young engineer just starting out in the field, he was only earning RM1,500 (Php19,000 or $360) from his job. It was a meager income that could not sustain a family,he thought.

He had always been fascinated with fishes as a kid but the idea of becoming a breeder only came when he was already working as engineer.

One day, my sibling bought a good quality parent betta fish and I tried to breed it. Then, I managed to sell its first baby in Singapore for SGD200 (approx. RM600 or $145 or Php7,700) a pair,” the young engineer shared.

After that, it struck me that breeding and selling betta fishes could make a lucrative income.”

He would soon undergo trainings to become a breeder before he decided to quit his job. His set up shop and would soon have clients not just in Malaysia but also in Thailand, Singapore, and other countries!

Today, the former engineer owns just one shop with over 8,000 betta fishes of different species but he’s earning a 5-figure income every month. That’s a far cry from the measly income he received while working.

His success in business could certainly be an inspiration to many, no matter where you are living. Perhaps it’s time to find a business like selling betta fishes to earn more money?

Source / Photo credits: World of Buzz

Breeding betta fish, photo credit: ZooFari [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Joy Adalia
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