Entrepreneur Shares Secrets Behind His Bestselling ‘Overkill’ Pares That Earns A Million Monthly

An entrepreneur in Laguna shared some secrets behind his bestselling ‘Overkill’ Pares.

Peso Mercado of Pares ni Peso must really be lucky with money as his business is giving him big bucks monthly. He shared the humble beginnings of his pares business, his inspiration, and some cooking secrets to his bestselling overkill pares.

Entrepreneur Shares Secrets Behind His Bestselling 'Overkill' Pares That Earns A Million Monthly
Screengrab: GMA via Youtube

Carolina Reaper or also known as Dragon’s Breath, is considered the world’s hottest pepper, according to the Guinness World Records. This small but fiery pepper is one of the secrets to Peso’s overkill pares.

If you’re tired of the regular pares, you will definitely get a kick in this small but extremely spicy bowl of overkill pares. In Peso’s Pares shop, you can join the double overkill challenge. You have to finish two overkill pares with Carolina reaper chili sauce within 2 minutes, and you get P15,000.

According to Peso, ‘gimmicks’ or promos are important in a business. It keeps your customers entertained and eager to return for more. “Kailangan may brand awareness ka. Yung na-curious yung tao, that’s part of the business,” he explained on Pera Paraan.

Peso recalled that he also went through several failed business attempts, especially during the pandemic. “Nagstart ang Pares ni Peso kasi nung mga panahon na iyon, medyo bumagsak kasi yung ibang mga business ko kasi siyempre pandemic,” he shared.

Entrepreneur Shares Secrets Behind His Bestselling 'Overkill' Pares That Earns A Million Monthly
Screengrab: GMA via Youtube

According to Peso, he wanted a business that had daily returns or profit. He shared that when he started his paresan, he would wake up early because he personally buys his ingredients. He also cooks and prepares the pares all by himself. Peso said he started with P55,000 capital for his pares business. All his hard work paid off as his pares business now earns 7-digit profits a month. Peso sells his bestselling overkill pares for P95 per bowl.

Pares is really one of those Pinoy favorites that everyone wants to eat. The inspiring story of a street-style pares mami business earning P100,000 in a day has motivated many entrepreneurs. If you’re interested in starting a pares business, you can try our homemade beef pares and beef mami business idea.

How To Make Overkill Pares

Prepare the ingredients: celery, onions, ginger, sibot, star anise, Peso’s secret pares mixture, soy sauce, and cornstarch slurry. For the meat, you need pre-cooked beef, chicharon bulaklak, and balut.

Let a big pot of water boil before adding the chopped celery, onions, ginger, sibot, pares mixture, soy sauce, and star anise. Add the cornstarch slurry to thicken the soup. Cover and let it simmer for 10 to 15 minutes.

Once the broth is ready, you can start assembling the bowl of pares. Make sure that the meats have been cooked thoroughly ahead of time. In a bowl, simply add the beef and balut. Fill it with the piping hot broth and add the chicharon as toppings. Serve it a drizzle of the Carolina reaper chili sauce and enjoy!

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