Entrepreneur Shares Tips On How To Start A Successful Unli-Streetfoods Business

Filipinos love everything unlimited! Unli-rice, unli-drinks, so why not try offering unli-streetfoods? An entrepreneur from Maragondon, Cavite shared that unli-streetfoods is a great business idea.

Entrepreneur Shares Tips On How To Start A Successful Unli-Streetfoods Business
Screengrab: GMA via Youtube channel

Diovel Ganac of Blue Moons Bubbles Maragondon shared his inspiring story of building a streetfoods business. He shared that their love for streetfoods is what motivated them to start their own business. Especially during the time of the pandemic, Diovel and his wife missed eating streetfoods so much.

“Noong time ng pandemic, hindi kami makalabas Eh ‘di ba ang turo-turo kailangan ka pang lumabas. Kaya naisip namin ni misis na bakit di na lang natin itry gawin ito,” Diovel shared on GMA’s Pera Paraan.

Diovel said that many Filipinos are often not satisfied with small servings of streetfoods, so their solution was to offer unli-streetfoods. Diovel some tips for entrepreneurs interested in offering unli-streetfoods. First is to make sure that the customers finish their initial servings before ordering another batch. Second, make sure your inventory and stock are well managed. Since you’re serving food, ensure that you store your stocks well to avoid spoilage. Lastly, always offer freshly-cooked streetfoods to your customers so they’ll know it’s worth their money.

“Yung inventory mo dapat tamang-tama, kailangan namo-monitor mo yung products mo. Dapat ‘di ka napapanisan. Yung storage mo dapat naayos mo in a proper manner. Yung refrigeration, dapat fresh yung isserve mo sa kanila,” he said.

Aside from offering unli-streetfoods, you can also order streetfoods bilao. It’s a great snack idea so you don’t have to go out to enjoy your favorite kewk-kwek, fishballs, squid balls, fried siomai, etc. It also comes with different kinds of sauces so you can choose which one you like the most.

Entrepreneur Shares Tips On How To Start A Successful Unli-Streetfoods Business
Image by Pera Paraan via Facebook

Another great idea that Diovel did was to offer milktea as well. Streetfoods goes well with a cold, refreshing drink so your customers will mostly order your milktea too.

Streetfoods are an easy and low-cost business idea you can start with. You can almost see it on every street corner. But since it’s easy, the competition is also quite tough. If you decide to start a streetfoods business, try to be innovative and different from your competitors. There are many ways to elevate streetfoods. An entrepreneur upgraded her fishball sauce and now she’s earning P120,000 a month. Another businessman decided to offer crispily fried isaw instead of the usual grilled, and it became a hit. There are many more ways to be creative. Just research and try which would work best for you!

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