Establishing Your Career As A Public Speaker

Not everyone has skills in public speaking and so if you have the talent and passion for it, this an actually be a lucrative career for you.

Yes, being a public speaker can be a profitable venture. So if you enjoy giving talks, conducting seminars, and simply motivating and teaching people, then be assured that there is an industry that needs more professionals like you.

Establishing Your Career As A Public Speaker

What does it take to succeed in this field? Here are some useful pointers:

Focus on your expertise

If you seriously want to pursue public speaking, you need to focus on your area of expertise. Do you love talking about business-related topics? Or are you more inclined about sharing inspirational stories? There are a lot of potential niches to explore and it’s advisable that you focus your efforts on what keeps you interested. You’ll stay more motivated that way.

Master your material

Once you’ve zoomed in a particular field, you have to do your research and be extremely familiarized with your chosen subject matter. That way, you will be comfortable in delivering your message to your target audience. And speaking of which…

Vary your tone

You need to adjust your tone depending on the type of audience that will listen to your speech. You may have to give the same message twice but you have to speak differently when addressing, say, a group of businessmen or a crowd of students. In both cases, you have to know how to reach their level so you don’t come off sounding too pretentious. You have to speak their language as not to alienate or bore them in any way.

Make your message relevant

Choose stories, quotes, statistics, and even jokes that relate to the subject matter. Remember that your goal is not merely to entertain but to share information. As such, feel free to use any tools or methods that will help you achieve that goal.

Learn from experience

Finally, you have to learn from your experiences. Try to ask a friend or colleague for feedback so you know which weaknesses to improve. You’ll be one of the best in the field if you will be open to criticisms and do your best to learn from them.

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