Faster SSS Loans and Benefits Processing for Members Who Update Contact Information

Individually-paying members of the Social Security System (SSS) may take advantage of a faster processing of their contributions once they updated their contact information with the agency.

In a statement, SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Emmanuel Dooc urged self-employed and voluntary members, as well, as non-working spouses and overseas Filipino workers (OFW) to provide and update their contact information so they can receive their Payment Reference Number (PRN) via text message.

mobile phone showing sss member's portal

Photo Credit: Facebook Page of the Philippine Social Security System

Real-Time Processing of Contributions

Introduced in 2018, the PRN is a part of the Real-Time Processing of Contributions (RTPC) program that instantly validates, transmits, and acknowledges contributions’ payments. With the use of a PRN, the member will be notified via SMS that his contribution has been posted.

By ensuring that monthly contributions are paid and posted on time, delays on processing of benefits and services are avoided.

Three ways to update contact information

The SSS president said that there are three ways to update a member’s contact information. One is by proceeding in any SSS branches nationwide, another is through My.SSS account in the agency’s website, and the third one is through the SSS Mobile Application.

Those who opt to visit the nearest SSS branch may update their contact information by accomplishing the Member Data Change Request Form (SSS Form E-4), or the Member Information portion of the Payment Slip.

sss advisory on My.SSS online facility

Photo Credit: Facebook Page of the Philippine Social Security System

For those who already have a My.SSS account, they can update their contact information by clicking the ‘My Information’ button and afterwards, the ‘Update Information’ button. They will, then, be transferred to another page where they can check the box that corresponds to the information they want to update.

Lastly, individually-paying members may also download the SSS Mobile Application, sign up for the service, and update their contact information using the mobile app.

Dooc added that members who have not yet registered in the My.SSS facility to sign up for the service so they could also generate PRN on their own online.

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