Filipino $1-B Startup Hopes To Inspire Fellow Filipino With Their Success

“Fearless design. Borderless business. Each piece is transported to you wherever you are. An entire industry revolutionized.”

This is the tagline of Revolutionary Precrafted. The Philippines’ first $1 billion startup, it is one of a kind, thus, they call it our first “unicorn” startup.

The project is so unique that it is able to unite over 60 of the world’s most famous architects, designers, and artists. The company provides an exclusive series of prefabricated, livable spaces that are transferable and meant to give you ease of use, wherever you are.

RP 1

The founder of Revolutionary Precrafted is Jose Roberto Antonio, a design and real estate developer that is one of the heirs of luxury developer Century Properties Group.

When asked about the success of his “unicorn”, he said that he hopes the company’s success would inspire more Filipinos to go out of the ordinary and think outside of the box.

“I hope that inspires Filipino entrepreneurs, brilliant minds out there. Hopefully, in our own little way, the company inspires some people going forward,”

Antonio believes that the biggest purchase of any human being is their houses. The revolution is that they are able to offer prefabricated designer and limited edition pieces to their buyers, wherever their buyers are.

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Add to that the fact that he mentioned he had to be “flexible” with his pricing for Southeast Asia so he can lure more buyers.

“The house is still the biggest purchase of a human being, our business plan is to really establish formidable joint ventures with local business people, developers to streamline business further,”

Revolutionary Precrafted can build a house in 3 months until up to two years depending on the complexity of the design. Their concept is simple but is totally out of the box. You choose from their designer collections and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Source: ABS-CBN

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